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Canine Genomic Research At NHGRI
« en: 01 de Febrero de 2010, 21:46 »
Canine Genomic Research At NHGRI
Who We Are
The Canine Genome Project was developed under the guidance of Elaine Ostrander, PH.D. as part of the international collaboration of scientists working to build a comprehensive genetic understanding of the canine genome. The primary goals of the canine genome project are to map and identify genetic markers linked to inherited diseases, and to use this information to improve the overall health of the canine population and to further the understanding of the many complex diseases that arise in the canine genome.
The Canine Genome Project began when Dr. Ostrander was at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Rersearch Center and has moved with her to the National Institutes of Health. The Project has more than 10 researchers and technicians, collaborating with veterinarians, population geneticists, molecular biologists, statisticians and computer scientists to discover the underlying genetic structure and disease susceptibility in the canine genome.

What We Do
There are many different types of genetics research. Genetics research can be about finding genes and informative genetic markers (mapping), learning how genes work and may contribute to disease, or about treating or curing genetic conditions. The Canine Genome Project is currently focused on mapping genetic markers and understanding the patterns of genetic information that exists between breeds, within breeds and in disease states.

How You Can Help
More than 350 inherited diseases have been described across the recognized canine breeds. Often the high frequency of specific diseases within a breed reflects the small number of dogs used to found the breed and/or the subsequent inbreeding within the breed. The Canine Genome Project is working on projects to help reduce the incidence of these inherited diseases, and to understand disease patterns across the breeds.

The Canine Genome Project is accepting canine DNA samples in the form of blood samples from specific breeds of purebred, registered dogs. Check the list of breeds to see if your breed is needed for our current genetic studies. If you are interested in having your pedigreed dog participate in our research studies, please send an email inquiry to: Please provide your name, your dog's registered name, your dog's breed, any diagnosed diseases your dog has, age of your dog, and the best way to contact you.



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Canine Genomic Research At NHGRI
« en: 01 de Febrero de 2010, 21:46 »


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