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First World Exposition Dogo Argentino - Argentina 2010
« en: 30 de Noviembre de 2009, 12:45 »
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First World Exposition Dogo Argentino - Argentina 2010
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1- We are pleased to announce to all  colleges in our club and all dogo lovers around the world, that we have fulfilled the commitment we have taken on  since the beginning of our leadership in July 2007. We are prepared to enjoy two of the largest-ever and most important events in the history of our breed, organized by the Dogo Argentino Club Dr. Antonio Martínez.
In addition to this, we have already fixed the date to achieve the “FIRST DOGO ARGENTINO BREED INTERNATIONAL EXHIBITION” on Sunday, 11th April 2010, coinciding with the celebration of Agentina ´s First Two Hundred Years as a Free nation.                                        The previous day, on the April 10th,  we will make an exhibition in which we will award the winner with the “Argentinian bicentennial trophy”.                                                                                            These events have the support from the Federation Cynologique International (FCI) - SECCION DE LAS AMERICAS Y EL CARIBE and from the Argentine Cynologic Federation (FCA)


2-Once these two exhibitions have concluded, we will hold our first breeders and dogo supporters´  meeting. Therefore we invite you all to take part in it with your Dogo Argentino if it has hunting abilities, it will be possible to evaluate the Dogo´s   behaviour and sociabilization within the pack of Dogos. And also if it has other skills, such as Rescue Dog, Guide Dog  or basic disciplines.
Because of this, it was stated beforehand that it is better for the participants to lodge in  the hotels listed below, and,  in this way we can relate with each other and human relationship will merge.  In addition, there is a schedule of cultural activities that is already planned for those who want to know more about our culture and for those who want to visit other places and regions of our country.  As it was previously announced, all these events will take place in Córdoba, which is the birthplace of the Dogo Argentino creator, illustrious citizen.                                                                                    That is why we pay tribute to Dr. Antonio Nores Martínez by doing our best to organize this event. All national delegations of this breed are taking part in its organization, being Córdoba the host, Casa matriz del Club del Dogo Argentino, with the support of delegations from: Mendoza, San Juan, San Luís, La Plata, Río Cuarto, Rosario, Entre Ríos, Los Cisnes Affiliate, Tandil and  the brilliant delegations of Ushuaia and Gran Norte.


3.- The Schedule of activities for these days is listed at the end of this official news and in a different link.


4.-For more information about the enrollment fee and housing costs please enter this website


5.-As a consequence of what was previously said, we announce that in April of this year, in Rosario city, República Argentina, the Dogo Argentino Global  Association (A.M.D.A.) was created. We thought it was important for the breed and it was propitious time to create it before fixing the date for the Internacional Exhibition, since this supranational institution was an old idea that Dogo lovers wanted to reach. We have been working for more than thirty years with this breed, and, in addition, we have the support of other young people and among all, ancient and less ancient, we have decided to call it “Agrupación Celeste y Blanca”.


6.- Smaller events (see annexed activities) they may vary, according to a better display and better organization of the activities. This is irrelevant for the two exhibitions that are already fixed.


plan OF Activities for the International Exhibition 2010:


Thursday, 8th April 2010

Reception of national and international exhibitors
Location of the different delegations and special guests, with their respective dogs in “Estancia El Parque Hotel” of “Ascochinga”


Friday, 9th April 2010 - Once settled at  “ESTANCIA EL PARQUE HOTEL”
09:00a.m. In the morning, felowship breakfast and exchange of opinions among the breeders from all around the world
01:30p.m. Lunch reception
from 08:30 p.m up to 12:30 a.m Dinner with Diploma presentation to representatives of the invited institutions :
Federation Cynologique International – SECCION  DE LAS AMERICAS Y EL CARIBE and from the Argentine Cynologic Federation.- (F.A.C) – (Casual Clothing).


Saturday, 10th April 2010 - In the Hotel Parque.
9:00 a.m.  OFFICIAL OPENING ACT. With the presence of Government and Local authorities from Córdoba, and other invited institutions. The National Anthem will be sung by the Local Band.
10:00 a.m. Beginning of exhibition, the “Nación Argentina Trophy” will be contested. Visit "JUDGES" link
From 01:30 p.m. up to 02:30 p.m. Recess.
08:30 p.m. Black Tie Dinner-. (Formal Clothing. Men with suit and tie).


Sunday, 11th April 2010– .
10:00 a.m. Beginning of the “1st WORLD EXHIBITION  of the DOGO ARGENTINO”. Visit "JUDGES" link
01:30 p.m. up to  02:30 p.m. Recess.
08:00 p.m. Closing dinner,  Diploma presentation and awards to the winners in both exhibitions.


Monday, 12th April 2010
Morning: Free
12:30 p.m. Asado with live folk music.
04:00 p.m. Competition-exhibition for morphological evaluation and classification of packs of  Dogos Argentinos (minimum 3 specimen) introduced by the owner or trainer.


From April Tuesday 13th to Thursday 15th
The following excursions were scheduled in order to show you emblematic places of our province:
From  Camino Real to Parada in Perú: Villa of Totoral, Tulumba and San Pedro Norte; to  Cerro Colorado sightseeing Cuevas with native rock  paintings of the Sanavirones. There, so as to conclude, with the visit to Dentado ANTONIO NORES, in the road to MISTOLES, DTO. TOTORAL, the place where the person who has created this breed died.


Cavalcade: Towards the site of Comechingones, at the top of Sierras Chicas, leaving Cabana, where it is possible to have a panoramic view of the Córdoba plain and opposite to it the marvellous  Valle de Punilla (valley) ending in Sierras Grandes. There are activities beginning at noon: traditional gaucho skills and Asado.
Guided Tour: Jesuit Ranches Alta Gracia, Caroya and Cologne
Guided tour: Jesuit Ranches in  Alta Gracia, Caroya, the colony in Jesús María and the Manzana Jesuitica in Córdoba city.
Sightseeing: Condors in “Quebrada  de los Condoritos” by Reserve ranger

Traditional gaucho skills and Asado: in the premises of  Córdoba  Rural Society
Hunting activities in Córdoba: San Juan, La Pampa. Mode: “Montería Criolla“
Delegations and branches:
The Club offers visitors the wide range of landscapes that our motherland has, diversity of landscapes and activities, its delagations and branches infrastructure, for those who want to visit some particular place of this vast country.

From April Friday 16th to  Saturday 17th.
Field trial in San Luís, where the event will reach the end.


1.- Activities planned for the days 13th and 15th may vary or may be canceled, every time that the registration is opened so that every participant can make his own choice and every time that the number of enrolled people justifies it.

Accommodation is booked by the delegations in:“ESTANCIA EL PARQUE HOTEL” located in Ascochinga, as part of  Argentine Air Force, that belongs to a private company, where dog support is allowed.
As it was previously anticipated to concentrate suppliers, working simultaneously  as head of the organization of this event

“COLONIA ESTANCIA-GIOLF”  Located in the same town and as a part of the same land, more than 49,42 acres of  land and as a part of  Ascochinga Resort with a total amount of 9.390,00 acres. Dogs are not allowed in this hotel.
Both have  Solarium, swimming pool, Bar and dinning room

CLUB DOGO ARGENTINO. Dr. Antonio Nores Martinez.-

Hotel Costs: Estancia Parque Hotel
Option one:
Room, breakfast and dinner, no drinks included  55 U.S. $- (per person)
Opction two:
Room and breakfast: 45 U.S.$.- (per person)
Both options include the posibility of having their dogs in the rooms with no extra charges.-
Prices are approximate.
"cuanto mas conozco a la gente, mas quiero a mi perro"  Anibal Mateo Quilez, leyenda Urbana viviente.

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First World Exposition Dogo Argentino - Argentina 2010
« en: 30 de Noviembre de 2009, 12:45 »


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