is this pure dogo argntino

is this pure dogo argntino
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Autor Tema: can any body tell me if my dog is dogoargntino  (Leído 8210 veces)

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Re: can any body tell me if my dog is dogoargntino
« Respuesta #15 en: 20 de Junio de 2008, 03:07 »
Hey Everybody...

Before I make any judgement.

I want to say Three things....


1.-I OWN a HALF DOGO ARGENTINO and half American Pit Bull Terrier (APBT)---the Father was a DOGO ARGENTINO and the Mother was an ALL WHITE pitbull from the wonderful work of southtownpits in San Diego.   From baby and puppy pictures NO ONE could tell the Difference between BOTH.

2.- My  FULL Dogo Argentino has pedigree from DEL EL TUMI/DE LOS MEDANOS and DE LA MACA criaderos (original Breeders of EL DOGO)--- There are many instances were people confuse the WHITE BOXER, (albino or not) or the Antebellum Bull Dog (american bulldog created in the south prior to the Civil War) with the Dogo Argentino.

3. If Antonio Nores Martinez were alive today he would say, " A dog that LOOKS like a dogo Could be a dogo but the only way to tell would be out on the Field---if it HUNTS PUMA/JAGUAR/BOARS/BULLS.. fearlessly...... and it looks like a Dogo... It is a DOGO. If it sh's away in Fear from Courage or Valor.... then it is an IMPOSTER.

How can I be certain that A.N. Martinez would say that if he were alive today? Well, because his OWN GRANDSON--Ullyses NORES today who breeds THE REAL WORKING DOGOS---stands by that GOLDEN RULE. Your dogo may shine in pure white, look strong and elegant, win all kinds of conformation bouts.. but what good is it if it doesn't have courage, valor, and nobleness and can't defend its master or its property. If you don't care then most ANY dog will do and you PARTICULARLY DO NOT NEED A DOGO ARGENTINO.

So... looking at the pictures all I can say is YOU HAVE A BEAUTIFUL DOG my friend. If I were to judge it by looks I would have to say that The lack of full pigmentation in the NOSE (first giveaway in AMSTAFF/APTB and BULLDOG CROSSES that resemble DOGOS) and the head shape point an early american bulldog mix.

Google : Altamaha Plantation Dog  or Antebellum Bulldog and see what I mean.

Take Care!


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Re: can any body tell me if my dog is dogoargntino
« Respuesta #16 en: 09 de Julio de 2008, 01:55 »

Hey Every one ...

 Dear (U-123)

think you very much , your information was helpfull for me
i have hard rotwiler dog older then the dogo
my dog he is nice with pepole but very hard and ones he beat the root

thank you 

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Re: can any body tell me if my dog is dogoargntino
« Respuesta #16 en: 09 de Julio de 2008, 01:55 »


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